Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for movies. I have watched all the sequels which got released this year "Lord of the rings: The two towers",
"X-men 2","Matrix:reloaded","Terminator-3:Rise of the machines","Charlies angles:Full throttle","Lara croft:The cradle of life" .
LOR,Matrix were the ones really worth,Others were ok barring Lara croft which was really boring!. I liked the first part of lara croft where lara uses a key to get the 2 pieces of "triangle of light". I watched it yesterday once more :)
Last week we (Ashok,Ashvin,sandeep and me) went to the "League of the extraordinary gentlemen" which too was really boring. We had planned to go to "Boom" this weekend but somehow did not materialise.
I forgot to mention "Koi mil gaya" another boring movie which i watched with my sister and cousins!

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