Sunday, January 04, 2009

Another day in the life


I actually do understand some things, although it often takes time to figure out. Sometimes I mope because I'm wronged, other times I'm just sad because of missed opportunity.

(For the gallery: My parents called Sunday to say they were on their way to visit for the night. I wasn't real happy about that since we had just arrived back from being out of town for four days, and it had been over a week since we had sex. I was hoping for romance, not likely with Kate's in-laws visiting.)

Mondays are always a little hard for me. I really miss my kids the first day of the work week, even though yesterday was a short one. I got home and enjoyed the delicious dinner you made with food grown in your garden. Sorry if I didn't thank you enough. After dinner I went with the kids to go horse around in the living room. I had a nice evening, back at home with my family for the first night in several. This wasn't some grand homecoming but it was nice to just be the four of us at home.

You were busy with the laundry from the trip. Sorry I didn't help much. Here's what I think I understand now, and I didn't get last night.

-You put up with my parents visiting. They did buy us dinner and did spend some quality time with their grandkids, but as usual it seemed a bit forced. Our hints about them coming down to watch the kids went without response. I'm at least as upset about that as you are. (Remember though that my mom did agree to watch them all day next week).

-On top of them visiting, you changed the guest room linens so we could have a bit of fun. You also showered, put on my favorite camisole and my favorite shortie black robe. Thank you for putting effort into setting a romantic mood.

-I, on the other hand, enjoyed sitting in bed watching TV with a sleeping boy cuddled next to me. It was very nice and the I Love Raymond episode was pretty good. What I didn't realize is that you were off setting up this romantic scene without me seeming to care. I do care and I do appreciate it. Unfortunately I didn't know what all was going on until later when you were out of the mood.

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