Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another Draw arrrghhh!!!

Well the tykes went to Swindon at the weekend and got a well earnt draw and nearly a win in the dying moments. Its bin ages since we won a game, the blackpool game being the last one (i think), so its frustrating to see that result, even tho we are supposedly improving. New guy Birch had a good game by all accounts, and this Murphy guy seems to be improving by every game. Fantastic Fallon turned out for the opposition in the 2nd half, and jumped and bounced around like a ballet dancing gazelle as usual, could have, should have scored according to reports. No change there then. I still think we miss Gorre the most, his ability has really come through this season even tho he's been injured for the most part now. Betsy still getting stick, lay off him! Missed a sitter against Port Vale i know and there is no excuse. Saw him in the exec box at the Vale game. That man must use oil of ulay or sommat. His skin looks like a womans. Very strange. Good player non the less. Chris Shuker looks good but came off in the first half at Swindon injured, and rumour has it he will be available for the Plymouth game. I expect our first win this saturday. Plymouth will have the seats filled by the sounds of things as the travel for this game for them is free.