Monday, February 04, 2008

I see you at my job
you're carrying yourself so well
I made myself a promise
not to get emotional
as I remain stable(stable)
I take another glance at you
if we were at the disco (whoa whoa)
then I would have to dance with you
this isn't cool.... (not cool)

and in my lonely eyes
I see my self in eloquent strides
in a sharp tuxedo
here goes nothing to her.....

Hello Allison
I want to hold your hand,
I haven't been,
the same man since I saw you comin' in,
let's have a toast to the girl in aisle 10

I see you about a quarter after nine,
you shine in the neon sign,
where are you from?
you float in like an angel of night,
into my life,
and leave me with a song to write,
and now I'm loaded,
holdin' my sack and wonderin' where she is at,
with a line of customers gettin mad,
they didn't see what I seen, (nuh uh)
the store queen,
made everything easier for one fine eve....

and in my bloodshot eyes,
all I can see is everything's fine,
with a turning stomach,
runnin' thoughts through my head...

you came in here again,
I'm drinking by the copier,
I made myself a promise,
that I would finally talk to her,
as I remain stable,
I take another drink for you,
I set it on the table whoa whoa,
I'm sure I look a drunken fool,
I'm seeing two.....